Are all poems about love and sadness? (A poem)

Written during last night’s open mic… Sometimes it does seem that way when songs of despair form verse and the secrets of imperfect hearts lay bare their imperfections and hesitations to the coffeehouse floor These are the very things I have tried to leave behind on my travels through the printed page while leaving a [...]

Mid-afternoon at Third Place (a poem)

Went out for lunch yesterday, after mailing in my grant application materials. This poem describes the scene shortly before I went into the book store to look around for a while. Afternoon in the hours between the lunch and dinner crowds Classical music comes from a tinny speaker somewhere Around the tables in the common [...]

Soft edges (a poem)

Argh! Yesterday was frustrating when it came to writing. This one will need some work… The soft edges outline moving shapes I know what some of them are others remain mysterious at best The words that accompany them are far outside my experience still, I manage to relate some stories tell themselves (26 September 2015—posted September 27th)

Refusal to Remain Invisible: Available now!

Refusal to Remain Invisible is now available on Smashwords (ePub and Kindle formats) , iTunes (ePub), Barnes & Noble (ePub), and Amazon’s Kindle store (Kindle). The paperback hasn’t yet hit Amazon, but it is available from CreateSpace. For details and purchase links, go here: (26 September 2015)