Mid-afternoon at Third Place (a poem)

Went out for lunch yesterday, after mailing in my grant application materials. This poem describes the scene shortly before I went into the book store to look around for a while.

in the hours between
the lunch and dinner crowds

Classical music comes from a tinny speaker somewhere
Around the tables in the common area
people are playing card games
having meetings, eating lunch
and making crafts

Batteries run down
and the air grows slightly stale
now that the smells of cooking food
have dissipated

The tinny classical music remains

I pick up my things
for the drive home

(28 September 2015—posted September 29th)


  1. Mmmmm. This is really smooth. I like the flow and mood.

    • That’s one of the reasons I live in this part of town. Third Place is just a few minutes away. The only reason I don’t go there more often is that I’d end up spending all the money I don’t have at the book store…

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