Three poems in response to calliope/troll/raspberry

So, I went to an Xmas party yesterday held by one of the groups whose readings I regularly participate in. The main activity was a friendly competition, in which we each got three words to incorporate into a poem that we would then read. My words were calliope, troll, and raspberry. Ugh! I had to look up calliope, as [...]

Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Twelve: Stipulations for receiving

Twelfth poem of the day. I followed the prompt, which was to write a poem using at least five of the following words: moon, lake, glory, jeep, breastbone, spare, canopy, panic. This means I am officially done with the half marathon. Depending on how I feel after I come back from tonight’s reading, I may try to add a [...]

Evening (a poem)

A surprisingly grey day. Instead of going to the usual second-Saturday readings, I stayed home and made soup… Rainfall and candlelight across the room shadows on the wall The old man, alone with no one else but the creature in momentary hibernation A bowl of soup and a cup of coffee for warmth this night [...]

Use your words (a poem)

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them… Words—all words in shades of bruise and black Coffee cup rings renderings round in caffeine shots and words—the words actions in ink black and blue and purple paper and pixels— no place for practicality Emotions, energy a purpose for everything Grand design? Not bloody likely More like [...]