How do we eliminate hate? A partial list

On one of my social media accounts, someone responded to a re-post of my poem "I have questions" by asking, "how do we eliminate hate?" My response: The emotion itself probably cannot be eliminated. Neither can the anger, jealousy, and insecurity that fuel it. After all, we are human, so we feel things. We can, [...]

Upon recognizing a previously unremarked-upon plot hole in The Matrix (A poem)

In The Matrix, there is a scene where Cypher is having dinner with Agent Smith as the two discuss the terms for putting Cypher back into the Matrix. As I was watching it earlier today, I found myself wondering: How did he get in and out of the Matrix to sabotage Morpheus and his crew by himself? [...]

Two words (a poem)

…and the irritability continues. Fortunately, there's just one more day left in the current Mercury retrograde cycle. Two words popped into my head last night as I was falling asleep I thought they’d be the start of something intriguing but now I no longer remember what they were Two words popped into my head this morning [...]