Upon recognizing a previously unremarked-upon plot hole in The Matrix (A poem)

In The Matrix, there is a scene where Cypher is having dinner with Agent Smith as the two discuss the terms for putting Cypher back into the Matrix. As I was watching it earlier today, I found myself wondering: How did he get in and out of the Matrix to sabotage Morpheus and his crew by himself? Everyone else needs an operator…

Yes, Your Torrential Highness
the unfathomable conditions
of Londonderry foil
crash onto the construct
amidst a barrage of sound effect

Those are ideas you’re breathing
without the exchange
you’ll suffocate
Faulty maps paper the walls
of your damnable hesitation

There are no bullets to dodge
in silent darkness
hiding in the space between events
compartmented clusters of hoping
designated distractions

I can string together
all the words I want
to tinsel the tree
It’s what you do with them
that gives them meaning

Yes, Your Shabbiness
we are surrounded by meaninglessness
in search of dressing up
a communicable façade
a heat-seeking disguise

Ignore the plot holes in the universe
We are here, now—
what more do you want?

(30 January 2016)