Use your words (a poem)

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them… Words—all words in shades of bruise and black Coffee cup rings renderings round in caffeine shots and words—the words actions in ink black and blue and purple paper and pixels— no place for practicality Emotions, energy a purpose for everything Grand design? Not bloody likely More like [...]

National Poetry Writing Month, Day #8

Today’s prompt is to write a poem about a flower. Since this is about as exciting to me as the seeds thing, since the day-eight prompt was up well before midnight in my time zone, and since all of the poems I wrote for day 7 used the tritina form (and I was therefore in [...]

Upon recognizing a previously unremarked-upon plot hole in The Matrix (A poem)

In The Matrix, there is a scene where Cypher is having dinner with Agent Smith as the two discuss the terms for putting Cypher back into the Matrix. As I was watching it earlier today, I found myself wondering: How did he get in and out of the Matrix to sabotage Morpheus and his crew by himself? [...]

Lost poems and closely held secrets (A poem)

Off to a decent start this morning, thanks in part to the extra hour… Entire poems run through my head before I can write them down By morning’s light they’ve disappeared never to return All the eloquence I possess breathed in those lost lines of verse Awake here in the new morning the forgetting feels [...]

An untitled poem about the intangible quality of love (A poem)

I feel I captured a strong feeling with this poem—at least, a strong feeling that I had as I wrote it. In that sense, writing this particular poem was an act of hope… So often the heart in love is portrayed as blood red that’s where passion lies, they say My heart beats on the [...]

A small epiphany on a Wednesday afternoon under the trees (a poem)

Sometimes an ordinary action gets me thinking all philosophical-like. What’s up with that? On those days I feel like giving it all away I manage to find something worth holding on to Not so much as remnants of the past but as part of the living present things that remind me why I’m glad to be [...]