Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Eleven: Neither neither nor nor

Eleventh poem of the day. I followed the prompt, which was to write a poem from the point of view of someone without a home. Where is there left to go when you’re neither neither nor nor? When you’re not allowed a name only a label? When you’re defined by what you (don’t) have instead of who you [...]

Secrets and unanswered questions (A poem)

A new poem in my February series of epistles. Out of respect for privacy, I am not mentioning the subject of this one. You really are something of a mystery Nobody knows what goes on inside your head So many secrets and unanswered questions and things hiding in the shadows I didn’t ask about the [...]

After the race that never reaches an end, but abruptly stops just because (A poem)

I don’t know how I stumbled upon the horse-racing metaphor, but there it is… The dismount comes as a surprise you could be forgiven for not looking at just the right moment thinking you still had time to see it all Sometimes the horse is better off sitting out the race scars need time to [...]

A lull in the conversation (a poem)

This started out as a simple haiku… Fingers press buttons to write the words and click ‘send’ —the easiest thing But waiting is hard For all of two minutes now there’s been no reply There must be something that someone’s not telling me What else can it be? If I hit ‘refresh’ maybe something will [...]

Dispatch from somewhere in the middle of the queue (a poem)

Not much writing yesterday. Fortunately, this last thing I wrote before calling it a night has some redeeming features… Have you been waiting as long as I have? Did you ever think we’d be waiting this long? Did you know it would be this hard to stay strong? With the setbacks and defeats disappointments and [...]