A reflection on impossibility (a poem)

I picked up on the phrase ‘impossible women’ in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager and ran with it… If I were more cynical I’d conclude that I am drawn to ‘impossible’ women distant different dissimilar—maybe even dangerous or dramatic with intelligence, attractiveness or sense of adventure far beyond my own What if they’re just [...]

My complicated relationship with poetry, continued

In February 2015, I wrote a post called My complicated relationship with poetry.  After re-reading it, I figured it was time for an update… Since my original post, I have been regularly attending open mics. At last count, there are seven different open mics that I go to—five that take place monthly, and two that take [...]

52 Things About Me

Yesterday was my 52nd birthday. Unusually for me, I was out and about most of the day, so I never got around to posting this—a list of semi-random bits of trivia, in the order that they came to mind. 1.  I used to have a teddy bear named Elmer. 2. I read my first book [...]