New sounds: Waiting for Jesus, Godot, The KLF, and the United States Postal Service

A new piece created from a session using the Hikari Monos CV and Duos with the Soma Pulsar-23, the Hologram Microcosm, and the Soma Cosmos. No connection with Jesus, Godot, or The KLF (and I did finally receive the package I was waiting for shortly after completing this piece). (8 June 2022)

New sounds: That euphoric feeling you get when stretching that German probably has a word for

A very simple video I created for the last few minutes of a longer piece of new music. (I wanted to share it with a few people on Facebook, but Facebook doesn't really let you share just audio.) I recorded the video in October 2005 during one of my walks along Lake Union. (10 [...]

SoulFood Poetry Night—21 September 2017

I did not know there was video of the poetry reading at SoulFood Coffeehouse on 21 September 2017, at which I was one of the featured poets. Well, there was—is. So here it is. I haven’t watched it yet, but I am the third person to read. Look for me about 37 minutes in—after Tiel [...]

Updated project list, 2004–present

Here is the list of my creative projects from 2004 to the present; all bear the art (sometimes ART) prefix: Projects, 2014– 56 The corners of My Room (2016 remaster) Digital single, September 2016. 55 I've gone too far to turn back now (declension) Digital single, September 2016. 54 Looking-glass chamber Digital single, May 2016. 53/53x/53e This [...]