Beginning to melt (a poem)

Written this Tuesday morning while listening to the music that follows… Pouring forth into clouds and whispers the slow, steady build makes her presence known Hours accumulate into days and disappear Pouring forth behind steeled glances and snaking lines she bides her time Rainfall makes floods from cloudy skies Pouring forth through fluid movement blurring [...]

Western Family Original Saltines (a poem)

I should not have been surprised—Western Family products tend to be kind of gross… Western Family Original Saltines the official saltine for the man whose life is forever on the verge Western Family Original Saltines thin and tasteless barely enough substance to hold together Western Family Original Saltines crumble at the slightest bit of pressure [...]

210º F (a poem)

This poem actually uses epistrophe, not anaphora—but I’m not likely to write another poem within the next half-hour, so… The temperature gauge has drifted to the right I’ve been eyeing it with some concern but the manual says that’s normal when the engine is working harder— as long as the indicator light doesn’t come on [...]

8: Eight-word Poems e-book—ninety-nine-cent sale on Smashwords!

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