My complicated relationship with poetry, continued

In February 2015, I wrote a post called My complicated relationship with poetry.  After re-reading it, I figured it was time for an update… Since my original post, I have been regularly attending open mics. At last count, there are seven different open mics that I go to—five that take place monthly, and two that take [...]

There’s always another Kevin (A poem)

Back to exploring the pantoum… It seems the name Kevin has fallen into disrepute thanks to serial-killer movies and general overexposure In 1990, Kevins were everywhere—that’s not in dispute but now, that seems to be over Thanks to serial-killer movies and general overexposure Kevin has lost whatever cachet it once had The age of Kevin seems [...]

What’s in a Name?

Today's writing prompt: If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why? On many of those occasions when I wished I were somebody else—anybody else—that included having a different name. Something cooler. Something that didn't sound anything like me. Maybe a one-syllable name. But, I'm not a John, Tom, Dan, [...]