Saturday morning (a poem)

Today’s catch phrase is Holy crap! Because that’s what I have been saying all weekend. Also, it’s a new month, which means I need to come up with a new writing challenge. I think it is going to be simplicity—that is, simpler language, avoiding unnecessary descriptors or embellishments, keeping to the minimum needed to get the [...]

On the lack of clean surfaces in any of the workspaces in my apartment (a poem)

Because the mess always reasserts itself eventually… This collage of thoughts, impulses, and indecision renderings on paper, in graphite and ink mountains of clippings in untidy piles My workspace of functional disarray: today a mess tomorrow a mark of genius with a cat asleep in the window (8 May 2016)

Trixie comes down from Refrigerator Mountain (A poem)

A bonus poem about one of my cats, Trixie, since I did not come up with a poem for Day 12 of National Poetry Writing Month… She surveys her domain from on high It’s not an unbroken vista, but it’s enough the time she spends there is not wasted Eventually, though, she gets bored with [...]

Sickbed slumber #4 (a poem)

Almost better—just one day, maybe two, to go… I should light the candles on the table There’s no atmosphere to create tonight but might still look nice the dim light flickering in the dark The cat sleeping on my chest keeps me warm the damp cloth on my forehead keeps the fever down the cup [...]

On a chilly September morning (a poem)

Wrote this one this morning… We huddle together for warmth mornings in September gradually give way to the crisp, cool autumn air until it’s time to get the blankets out adding layer upon layer to the pile Then we dive in all sweatshirts and sweaters feet in thick winter socks hot chocolate and a good [...]