Dear Iris (A poem)

Today’s epistle, another terzanelle, is inspired by my choice to work on my tax return today… I swear, now you’re just toying with me getting my hopes up, and then WHAM! You know it doesn’t take much to make me dizzy… If the window’s closed, the door won’t slam It seems I can’t escape the [...]

Yeah, I don’t think that’s right (a poem)

Today’s poem (a terzanelle) comes from a prompt in The Daily Poet, by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano: list rules that people have taught you about poetry, then break four of them. I don’t worry about other people’s rules so much when I write poems. When I have had my poems critiqued, though, a few things have come [...]

Open mic terzanelle #1 (a poem)

Today’s prompt is to write a terzanelle. After three attempts, I kind of like it, though I have not quite hit upon the right subject for it yet. In any event, this poem is my second attempt at the form. The late arrival sat in the corner and coughed The MC was on his third beer [...]