Ill-fitting disguise (a poem)

I just started watching this Japanese series, Fujiko, on Hulu. A couple of moments got me going on this… Somebody likened that thought to murder I always thought it was more like a case of mistaken identity or a disguise ill-fitting A railroad crossing signal ignored a foot caught between the rail and the pavement shoes [...]

Random thoughts, December 2016 (a poem)

Perhaps not literary excellence, but this is what I came up with today… 1 Everyone secretly cheered when Sigourney Weaver and Rick Moranis got together in Ghostbusters Harold Ramis wasn’t going to loosen up enough to get it on with Annie Potts Bill Murray and Zuul were never going to happen and Ernie Hudson got [...]

Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Eight: My stupid obsessions

Eighth poem of the day. The prompt for the hour was to write a pantoum… I hate all the thoughts that keep me awake because my mind refuses to relax taking my body along for the ride long after I have closed my eyes Because my mind refuses to relax I toss and turn and worry [...]

How do we eliminate hate? A partial list

On one of my social media accounts, someone responded to a re-post of my poem "I have questions" by asking, "how do we eliminate hate?" My response: The emotion itself probably cannot be eliminated. Neither can the anger, jealousy, and insecurity that fuel it. After all, we are human, so we feel things. We can, [...]

On the lack of clean surfaces in any of the workspaces in my apartment (a poem)

Because the mess always reasserts itself eventually… This collage of thoughts, impulses, and indecision renderings on paper, in graphite and ink mountains of clippings in untidy piles My workspace of functional disarray: today a mess tomorrow a mark of genius with a cat asleep in the window (8 May 2016)

Distractions on a Sunday morning (A poem)

Sunday morning… I have only vague memories of what I was just thinking about interrupted by the minor aches and pains that keep me up when I’m awake I don’t know if my muscles will stretch that far but it’s worth a shot Coffee stains on my table coffee stains in my book evidence of [...]