How do we eliminate hate? A partial list

On one of my social media accounts, someone responded to a re-post of my poem “I have questions” by asking, “how do we eliminate hate?”
My response:

The emotion itself probably cannot be eliminated. Neither can the anger, jealousy, and insecurity that fuel it. After all, we are human, so we feel things.

We can, however, avoid taking hateful actions based on those feelings. That’s a start.

Treating everybody with respect as the default is another simple thing we can do. If that respect isn’t reciprocated, we can walk away.

Not doing things that we know other people consider to be hurtful is another. Another aspect of treating everybody with respect.

Not automatically assuming that everybody is out to screw us (figuratively speaking). Not only does that make respect more difficult, but it sets us up to respond negatively to any perceived slight—and to respond more quickly. If you go into a situation looking for a fight, you’re more likely to end up fighting.

When it comes to things other people do that you don’t like (or your freely chosen organized religion disapproves of), but, strictly speaking, either don’t hurt you or don’t directly affect you, and aren’t illegal—don’t do them yourself. If you feel strongly enough about them, avoid people who do those things. But don’t do things to shame, inconvenience, injure, or kill them.

Act in accordance with your values—but be reasonable.

That’s my partial list.

(14 June 2016)