Distractions on a Sunday morning (A poem)

Sunday morning… I have only vague memories of what I was just thinking about interrupted by the minor aches and pains that keep me up when I’m awake I don’t know if my muscles will stretch that far but it’s worth a shot Coffee stains on my table coffee stains in my book evidence of [...]

Overnight in Chaos Town (a poem)

Trying to capture the dream I had last night… 1 I just spent a night in Chaos Town where the production is a nightly affair the chairs stacked in rows and the stage all set I felt like an observer but I was part of the show in the hive that was home to the [...]

More weird dream stuff (December 2014)

More strange dreams last night/this morning… I I’m working in a hospital. I catch a woman with a scalpel trying to steal something. I knock the scalpel out of her hand and detain her for the authorities. The really odd thing is that she is a dead ringer for another woman at the hospital, so I [...]