Overnight in Chaos Town (a poem)

Trying to capture the dream I had last night…

I just spent a night in Chaos Town
where the production is a nightly affair
the chairs stacked in rows
and the stage all set

I felt like an observer
but I was part of the show
in the hive that was home to the buzz

A crazy woman dominated the scene
all misplaced, awkward enthusiasm
she stumbled and staggered across the stage

I was too close to the giant screen
to survey the entire stage
Pixels the size of TV trays
failed to capture
all that the cameras saw

On the other side, a wasteland
mountains of electronic junk
and discarded videos
in a field of perpetual night
a virtual warehouse of shelves and stacks

My search so far was futile
the waterproof cases
were nowhere to be found
Nothing but stacks and boxes
and collection cans full of cash

I arrived back at the dorms
with armfuls of videos
I could barely hold on to
as they spilled over the edges

A pair of actresses spotted me and laughed
as I tried to balance the load in my arms
They joked about my futile attempts to contain the mess

‘At least you don’t have to worry
about getting all this stuff back to your room’
I laughed

‘Spoken like a true regular cast member’
came the knowing reply
delivered sing-song style

‘Fuck me’, I said
in mock exasperation
as I fell backwards to the ground

‘Keep your pants on’
came the smirking reply

(15 July 2015)

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