Our first date was on Valentine’s Day (A poem)

Back to the epistles again. When he read those words about being in love I couldn’t help but think of you the small moments that we shared the laughs we had the feelings we tried so hard to resist I’m so glad we gave in it may not have been enough but what we had has stayed [...]

She’ll forget about me in time (A poem)

A poem about the moon—and yes, the use of the word passed is intentional… The moon still comes around to her place in the night sky Some nights, I think she’s trying to get my attention a spotlight in search of a performer or a fugitive on the run I don’t have much use for the [...]

Time has rules (A poem)

Ah, the things that movie quotes bring up! This poem starts with a line from Nagisa Oshima’s Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence… ‘The past…again and again…’ What of it? What does it do but remind me of all the mistakes I’ve made? All the unfulfilled promises now left wanting because I now want what I didn’t [...]

Distractions on a Sunday morning (A poem)

Sunday morning… I have only vague memories of what I was just thinking about interrupted by the minor aches and pains that keep me up when I’m awake I don’t know if my muscles will stretch that far but it’s worth a shot Coffee stains on my table coffee stains in my book evidence of [...]

A small epiphany on a Wednesday afternoon under the trees (a poem)

Sometimes an ordinary action gets me thinking all philosophical-like. What’s up with that? On those days I feel like giving it all away I manage to find something worth holding on to Not so much as remnants of the past but as part of the living present things that remind me why I’m glad to be [...]

Something about the old cliché about shadows (a poem)

The February 16th prompt in The Daily Poet, by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano, is to write a poem about your shadow, then describe the shadows around you, etc. I took a more general approach. Shadows can’t exist without light Perhaps that’s an obvious statement but I’m reminded of it again and again whenever the [...]