A long-awaited truth (A poem)

Back to the epistles again, after a short break. You are happy now, I cannot deny That’s a truth for which you waited long You need no more to wonder why For your heart now sings a brand new song writ of joy, unbridled and free That’s a truth for which you waited long Worry not, my [...]

A small epiphany on a Wednesday afternoon under the trees (a poem)

Sometimes an ordinary action gets me thinking all philosophical-like. What’s up with that? On those days I feel like giving it all away I manage to find something worth holding on to Not so much as remnants of the past but as part of the living present things that remind me why I’m glad to be [...]

‘Did you find everything you needed?’ (a poem)

My latest musings on an oddly quiet Tuesday morning… Whenever someone asks me that I know they’re talking about the contents of my grocery basket My answer is usually ‘yes’ unless they were out of my favorite yogurt or something If I were to take the question at face value my answer would be very [...]

Demarcation (a poem)

Letting the moment pass… The candle has long stopped burning its smoke has dissipated its light has gone The moment of silence has slipped into silence leaving only the sounds of breathing and the refrigerator’s hum There are no lies here in the darkness only the truth of what’s inside of me When the morning [...]

imaginary picket line (a poem)

No prompts—just working from a random phrase that popped into my head… This imagination trapped itself between walls of truth and apprehension then ran to the door, pounding and screaming and demanding to be let out See, I don’t really see truth; all I see is apprehension— and that makes me afraid My imagination objects, [...]