‘Did you find everything you needed?’ (a poem)

My latest musings on an oddly quiet Tuesday morning…

Whenever someone asks me that
I know they’re talking about
the contents of my grocery basket
My answer is usually ‘yes’
unless they were out of my favorite yogurt or something

If I were to take the question at face value
my answer would be very different
because what I need is not groceries—
meat, vegetables, dairy, coffee, and so on—
but those intangibles that have real meaning

Love, safety, security, happiness—
none of these can be found in a grocery store
I’m no longer sure where they can be found
I thought I had them once
then it all slowly unravelled

‘Did you find everything you needed?’

The answer to such a simple question
can be so complicated
Most days, I prefer not to think about it
because the truth is
I can’t think about anything else

(2 June 2015)