Not a poem—just an observation (with an occasional vow)

I understand being afraid. I understand being angry. I understand being disappointed. I understand wanting to scream at somebody who has done me wrong. I understand wishing that someone who has done me wrong would suffer in the same way I have. I don’t understand intentionally inflicting harm on another person. I don’t understand intentionally [...]

Loss of vision (A poem)

I am a bit overdue to get my eyes checked… The frames have no glass they sit empty in the case not yet able to see Clarity is a future event coordinates unknown The eyes look through outdated lenses sometimes the outlines blur and objects lose their shape Every vision becomes an abstract open to [...]

A wordy post about my approach to poetry

Poetry I had something of an epiphany last weekend: I largely prefer hearing poetry recited to actually reading it. I’m surprised I didn’t figure this out sooner. After all, I have been going to poetry readings for about a year now—but I own very few books of poetry, and rarely seek it out online. Most [...]

The truth about lighting (a poem)

I saw a commercial last night that started me thinking about lighting… Lighting makes everything look different often there’s a lot of ugly detail you never noticed before The clear is now cloudy the smooth is now blemished But when the lie is revealed it becomes nothing You can’t do that in the dark (16 [...]

What am I afraid of losing? (a poem)

A tentative step towards thinking about something I once read… I’ve heard that you should look at the pictures photographers take if you want to know what they are most afraid of losing I’m not sure what that says about me My photographic life is filled with      objects      shadows      reflections [...]

I have problems with philosophy (a poem)

Steve Martin once said something about philosophy being ‘just enough to screw you up for the rest of your life’… Oh, in small doses it’s all right but some philosophers take things too far I was fine with Nausea but Being and Nothingness? I have a feeling Sartre loved the sound of his voice above everything [...]