That’s what Xmas means to me (A poem)

Watching movies on Xmas eve… Lights out, America it’s a full-moon Xmas this year and here I am the night before Xmas eve preparing to sleep alone That’s what Xmas means to me I’ve got a tiny metal tree a nativity scene in a box stockings packed safely away Another silent night? That sounds about [...]

The meeting has begun (A poem)

Yesterday afternoon… The slapback echoes as the door clicks shut Keys jangle footsteps walk off into the distance A whooshing comes from outside an unseen someone walks through the doorway before the slam of the door cuts off the sounds of the rainy afternoon A man stands up and begins to speak (12 December 2015—posted [...]

Beneath the crown (A poem)

Trying something slightly different… Fetched far was the proposition Less of weight I felt as I waited for the results of wishes and work my way to come Sadly, there is no right of birth handed down from parents grand The facts of life are brutish and blunt rarely embellishing upon the tales of battles [...]

The spider outside my window (A poem)

For the last few weeks, there has been a rather large spider web outside my bathroom window, built by a rather impressive-looking spider. The spider seems to occupy the web only during the day; at night, it camouflages itself by moving up to the back of the outdoor floodlight… Her web deformed by the first [...]

A rainy Tokyo afternoon (a poem)

Today’s prompt in The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice, by Kelli Russell Agodon & Martha Silano, is to write a pantoum—a poem in which the second and fourth lines of one stanza are used as the first and third lines of the following stanza. What do you suppose she’s thinking now? It’s been twenty-three years since [...]