The lesser of two evils (a poem)

Every time I see somebody advocating voting for ‘the lesser of two evils’—especially when it is followed by a statement of helplessness—I get angry. Regardless of which candidate you like in this (or any other) election, the whole point of voting is to elect the best person for the job. If you think Candidate A [...]

The dark horse runs unnoticed at night (A poem)

This bit of mysteriousness emerged from somewhere… The scene of my surrender is one flight up from the sidewalk This is where I lived before the war that took you from me I couldn’t wait to leave but chose to stay My open-door policy trapped me inside I spent years here stashing away my secrets [...]

Until they become light enough to rise (a poem)

Some open mics are good environments for writing… Light tunes for heavy souls the sustain lingers for as long as they need Time to feel the depths of all that weighs them down for as long as they need The melodies twirl around with abandon giving up all resistance to the sound swing ever outward [...]

Punk-rock girl at the country store (a poem)

Random thoughts… Do you think she’s still there? Her kid should be two by now would she be sitting with him behind the counter making sandwiches and watching that show with the judge? She’s probably a lot more tired (you try keeping up with a two-year-old) otherwise probably the same Just because we changed doesn’t [...]

Demarcation (a poem)

Letting the moment pass… The candle has long stopped burning its smoke has dissipated its light has gone The moment of silence has slipped into silence leaving only the sounds of breathing and the refrigerator’s hum There are no lies here in the darkness only the truth of what’s inside of me When the morning [...]