Mutable truths, or scenes from a short slumber on a rainy mid-week afternoon (a poem)

Yesterday, I attended an ekphrastic writing workshop. Distracted by the conversations taking place in the gallery during the time set aside for writing, I had trouble writing much of anything during the three and a half hours I was there. Instead, I found myself underlining the words within the words on the page of writing [...]

Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Three: The disposable nature of pop music

Third poem of the day. There is no profound in a three-minute pop song unless it is playing when everything goes wrong Nothing makes memories quite like emotion the music is but illustration it’s just that the words hit you in the same place as your feelings The catalogue may build over time but how can [...]

Sinistrata (a poem)

In the twilight through the window from next door the sounds of melancholy and despair once deep within now out in the open darkness under shadow and cover One solitary figure there in the space an architect of gloom a raw wound open and fresh Washes and waves questions in sustain with percussive accents a [...]

National Poetry Writing Month, Day #25

Today’s prompt is to write a poem that begins with a line from another poem. I chose the line dive to the bottom of the ocean with me from ‘What to listen for in a cold war of visual cues’ by Stephanie Mason. Dive to the bottom of the ocean with me (If only I could convince you…) [...]

Until they become light enough to rise (a poem)

Some open mics are good environments for writing… Light tunes for heavy souls the sustain lingers for as long as they need Time to feel the depths of all that weighs them down for as long as they need The melodies twirl around with abandon giving up all resistance to the sound swing ever outward [...]

NaPoWriMo 2015, Day 16: Science poem (a poem)

For Day 16, I went with the Writer’s Digest April PAD Challenge prompt, which was to write a science poem… If you examine the physics of the situation you might come to a different conclusion Unfortunately, it seems that most people don’t go beyond tenth-grade biology and science and emotion don’t play well together (Except for that [...]

This is where the vampires live (a poem)

This was the writing exercise for a writer’s group a friend of mine invited me to. It seemed simple enough, but I had a hell of a time with it. The social commentary version was mostly dull, and slightly preachy. The ‘voices in my head’ version started out promising, but didn’t get very far before I [...]