This is where the vampires live (a poem)

This was the writing exercise for a writer’s group a friend of mine invited me to. It seemed simple enough, but I had a hell of a time with it. The social commentary version was mostly dull, and slightly preachy. The ‘voices in my head’ version started out promising, but didn’t get very far before I felt it had nowhere to go. So far, this version is the only one which works at all. It’s an acrostic (the first letter of each line spells out the phrase), and, while on the surface it would appear to be about someone else, it really deals with my tendency to fall in love with the wrong people.

The exhaustion I feel is very real
half my energy dissipated
in the course of a single encounter
sucked out by a succubus made real

Is this what I had coming?
Should I have expected the ruse?

When we had our next encounter
her big, beautiful eyes drew me in
Everything they promised
resonated deep within me
enticing me to dive right in

The feelings I felt for her could not be contained
Her capacity to absorb them seemed endless
ever-expanding, adaptable, the universe incarnate

Venus had nothing on this example of womanhood
ambrosia would have turned to vinegar in her presence
mercenaries would have not a chance against her
Plenty before me had failed to win her over
I knew my chances would be slim at best
Redemption would be my only hope for survival
emotions would have to guide me
second chances come along just once in a while

Love was not enough to protect me, though
I nearly lost my way under her spell
Voices somehow rose up from within me
eventually freeing me from the siren’s call

(10 March 2015—posted March 11)