National Poetry Writing Month, Day #25

Today’s prompt is to write a poem that begins with a line from another poem. I chose the line dive to the bottom of the ocean with me from ‘What to listen for in a cold war of visual cues’ by Stephanie Mason.

Dive to the bottom of the ocean with me
(If only I could convince you…)

I have the feeling
that together we would not drown

In the depths
we would discover things we cannot see

learning at last
not to describe our emotions, but to feel them

and swim to the safety of each other
at home in the seas within

(24 April 2016—posted April 25th)



  1. This reminded me of the song “The Pearl Fisherman” so much, I could see one brother trying to convince the other, even though I think your intention was to depict lovers striving for eternal love.

  2. Or being willing to immerse themselves in the emotion, to give up the resistance that often holds people back.

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