Poetry Marathon 2016: My recap

Yesterday, I participated in my first poetry marathon. Well, technically the half marathon. Twelve new poems in twelve hours. This morning, I’m very tired. The whole exercise was deceptively difficult—not that I thought it would be so easy, but when I sit down with my big sketchbook to write, I often will write three or [...]

Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Four: The dream is always the same

Fourth poem of the day. Who told bigger lies? I know, it wasn’t a contest but I’m always looking for that edge You may have been better at it but I made up the difference with sheer quantity Our self-delusions reached deep into the core planting the seeds that churned up the earth as they grew [...]

Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Three: The disposable nature of pop music

Third poem of the day. There is no profound in a three-minute pop song unless it is playing when everything goes wrong Nothing makes memories quite like emotion the music is but illustration it’s just that the words hit you in the same place as your feelings The catalogue may build over time but how can [...]

Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Two: Georgia

Second poem of the day. Nostalgia can be such a beautiful waste of time when you think back on the small, unimportant things Past glories fade into nothingness Past defeats still sting though perhaps not as much The ritual of buying a can of coffee from the vending machine on the walk to the train [...]

Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour One: The doors on the right will open

Off to a good start. I wrote my first poem of the day while watching a YouTube video of a trip on Tokyo’s Yamanote Line, as viewed from the cockpit. You will step out onto the platform into the humid embrace of the summer afternoon You will melt as you melt into the crowd of which [...]