An index of metals (a poem)

Inspired by the Fripp & Eno piece, included on their album Evening Star. Feedback manifest as cobalt sits at the edge of the soundstage pulling at the ear the head bends in response Vibrato ripples through the alchemist’s solution unhindered by the fallibility of his reasoning Time warps to a crawl The scraping you hear is the [...]

Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour One: The doors on the right will open

Off to a good start. I wrote my first poem of the day while watching a YouTube video of a trip on Tokyo’s Yamanote Line, as viewed from the cockpit. You will step out onto the platform into the humid embrace of the summer afternoon You will melt as you melt into the crowd of which [...]

Temptation talk (a poem)

A jumble of memories from 1988… The angels smiled upon us that summer at least, for a little while Temptations were everywhere leading us back to each other something of a miracle itself Everywhere the sun rained down department stores with their open doors beckoned us with blasts of cool air No need—we’d keep walking [...]

The third day of rain (a poem)

Giving in to the autumnal cast of the last few days… 1 It's the third day of rain today… Summer is returning us gently back to the cradle of autumn with its crackling bed of bronzed leaves and its promises of warm fireplaces and soft blankets a hint of melancholy in the air vaguely reminiscent [...]

Flashback: The Summer of My Discontent, 2012 Edition

Prelude It has been a while since my last post—over two months, in fact. I had intended to continue the saga of the Summer of 1987 in my next post—but, alas, real life decided to intervene. (You are forewarned—this could be a long one…) First, I lost the one source of (somewhat) regular income I [...]

Flashback: The Official Lenn Tapes—Japan Survival Series (Summer 1985)

A "Larger than life itself…" Ringo Starr – "Oh My My" (Apple) Rod Stewart – "Dock of the Bay" (from Motown Returns to the Apollo) Go West – "Call Me" (Chrysalis) The Human League – "Fascination (extended remix)" (A&M) The Style Council – "The Lodgers (or She Was Only a Shopkeeper's Daughter)" (Polydor) Phil Collins [...]