Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Five: The last time I went there

Fifth poem of the day. The green fields I see out the window always remind me of earlier travels It doesn’t matter that I have not seen them before I think the color is enough to spark the memory Farmlands punctuated by electrical towers always let me know where I am on the journey The buildings [...]

Flashback: The Official Lenn Tapes—Japan Survival Series (Summer 1985)

A "Larger than life itself…" Ringo Starr – "Oh My My" (Apple) Rod Stewart – "Dock of the Bay" (from Motown Returns to the Apollo) Go West – "Call Me" (Chrysalis) The Human League – "Fascination (extended remix)" (A&M) The Style Council – "The Lodgers (or She Was Only a Shopkeeper's Daughter)" (Polydor) Phil Collins [...]