Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Five: The last time I went there

Fifth poem of the day.

The green fields I see out the window
always remind me of earlier travels
It doesn’t matter that I have not seen them before
I think the color is enough to spark the memory

Farmlands punctuated by electrical towers
always let me know where I am on the journey
The buildings all look the same
it is the spaces between that matter

I see a small truck going the opposite way on the side road
and wonder where the driver is going
The train probably doesn’t even register in his thoughts
he’s got places to be

It’s that last familiar landmark
that always reminds me I’m almost there
I can breathe easier now
but with that slight twinge of anticipation

I think about who will meet me when I arrive
seems it’s always been too long since I was last there
It will be too soon that I have to leave
I remind myself that I can always go back

(13 August 2016)

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