A summer haiku

I recently found that Hulu has a few current Japanese dramas available for streaming. While watching one last night, during a scene in which two of the main characters are listening to the sounds of cicadas in a park, I came up with a haiku.



Ano toki no
semi no nakigoe

One possible translation:

I miss
the cries of the cicadas
back then

Translation notes:
Natsukashii is one of those words for which there is no single equivalent in English. It is used to express the feeling of missing something, longing for something, or remembering something, with a sense of fondness and/or nostalgia.
• I don’t know whether this would qualify as proper kakekotoba, but the first two syllables of natsukashii form the word natsu, which means ‘summer’. Cicadas are strongly associated with summertime in Japan (see the Wikipedia entry for cicada).
• The literal meaning of ano toki is ‘that time’; depending on context, it can refer to a specific occasion or incident that the speaker doesn’t wish to explicitly mention, or to the distant past.

(16 August 2014)