Goodbye ello

When it appeared in 2014, the online service ello positioned itself as the anti-Facebook. No ads, no ‘sponsored’ posts, no selling user data, etc. Not long after the site went live, I wrangled an invite, and joined. It wasn’t terribly exciting, but there was none of the bullshit that frequently plagues Facebook and other social media [...]

A reflection on impossibility (a poem)

I picked up on the phrase ‘impossible women’ in an episode of Star Trek: Voyager and ran with it… If I were more cynical I’d conclude that I am drawn to ‘impossible’ women distant different dissimilar—maybe even dangerous or dramatic with intelligence, attractiveness or sense of adventure far beyond my own What if they’re just [...]

ART 53, grrr…

This Is Fifty-three, grrr… WELL. Once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, the erstwhile ‘lost in transit’ replacement shipment was delivered today… My first sign of trouble was the sticker affixed to the box: 9/20 Return Label Issue. I wasn’t sure what this meant until later (I’ll get to that later). When I opened the box, [...]

ART 53, day what?

This Is Fifty-three, day what? Okay, what the…? If you have been following along with the latter part of this saga, you may recall that the five copies I ordered of the color edition so I could submit them as part of my Pulitzer entry had some problems, so one of the CreateSpace support reps set up [...]

ART 53, day whatever

This Is Fifty-three, day whatever The replacement order arrived just before 6: 30 this evening. Still a bit dark compared to the proof; otherwise, none of the problems affecting the initial five copies. The saga sort of continues. I was supposed to be getting replacements from CreateSpace for the copies I reported problems with, but they [...]

Yet my driver’s license still doesn’t require corrective lenses (a poem)

Still trying to adequately describe my screwy vision—I’m near-sighted in one eye, and far-sighted in the other—in poem form. I’m not there yet, but this one gets a little closer… The blur feels askew like some great twist in my vision stretching my retinae in all the wrong places— or maybe just for the wrong [...]

National Poetry Writing Month, Day #27

Today’s prompt is to write a poem with long lines… My second thoughts first found me a third of the way through the quarter I tried to stop counting the moment I saw what was happening because my problems always multiply from there no matter how I slice it and the loop dances with infinity Once [...]

M. R. (a poem)

Yesterday was very chaotic in Seattle. Between the departure of the Chinese leader, and the crash on the Aurora bridge (which apparently happened at 11:11), I was glad I chose to stick close to home. /when Mercury turns and runs /the machinery gives up its ghosts /everything crashes to a halt /nobody’s sure what went [...]

I don’t get it (a poem)

Though I made a conscious decision several months ago to stop following the news (especially television news), obviously I still hear about things. A few weeks ago, I resolved to write something about my utter confusion and disbelief when it comes to the many ways we as human beings mistreat…well…just about everything, especially where violence [...]