ART 53, day whatever

This Is Fifty-three, day whatever

The replacement order arrived just before 6: 30 this evening. Still a bit dark compared to the proof; otherwise, none of the problems affecting the initial five copies.

The saga sort of continues. I was supposed to be getting replacements from CreateSpace for the copies I reported problems with, but they got as far as registering the new package with UPS before the order disappeared into the ether. So, I sent follow-up e-mail to CreateSpace over the weekend.

On Monday (9/26), I got a reply saying that the replacement order appeared to be lost in transit, so a new order had been created, with the estimated delivery date being 9/28—i.e., today. Naturally, I have yet to receive anything. In fact, there has not even been a UPS shipment initiated, so I have no idea where things are.

I have sent CreateSpace another follow-up message to ask about the status of the latest order. If I am not able to get anything from them by, say, the end of next week (so that I can better determine whether the five copies I received were what I can expect the typical print quality to be, or just an anomaly), I may very well pull the book from CreateSpace altogether, and try setting it up with IngramSpark, who are currently offering a waiver of their usual setup fees through the end of October. This would affect only the full-color edition of the book.

Ah, the joys of self-publishing!

(28 September 2016)