I don’t get it (a poem)

Though I made a conscious decision several months ago to stop following the news (especially television news), obviously I still hear about things.

A few weeks ago, I resolved to write something about my utter confusion and disbelief when it comes to the many ways we as human beings mistreat…well…just about everything, especially where violence is involved. I’ve been finding that it’s not such an easy task—in fact, it’s all too easy to come off as pedantic, patronizing, and/or holier than thou. I’ve also found that there’s just so much that could be addressed that things could become very unwieldy very quickly. So, these are just a small few of the questions that sometimes go through my head…

Why do we have to be
at greater danger from the police
than we are from the crooks?

Why can’t we treat each other
based on who we are
instead of on how we look?

Why do we let our weapons
speak for us
when we should be speaking with each other?

Why can’t we try
to work things out
instead of taking them further?

Why do we trust the bullet
before the bargain
with so many lives at stake?

Why can’t we be bothered
to ask ourselves real questions
instead of re-inventing old mistakes?

Twenty-five years later
(or fifty, or a hundred, two hundred, or four hundred)
how come we still can’t do the right thing?

(21 September 2014)