Something to keep in mind

In 1987, The Style Council released their third studio album, The Cost of Loving. The album’s fourth song, ‘Fairy Tales’, is sung using feminine pronouns—clearly referring to Margaret Thatcher, then Prime Minister of the UK—but the first verse of the lyrics is printed as follows: The giant towers over all But from close distance he don’t seem [...]

Lunch in Shibuya (a poem)

Remembering an afternoon from 1987 or thereabouts… I never did figure out who that actress was You pointed her out during lunch but I recognized neither the name nor the face I have no memory of it now I may have seen her later on TV If I did, I don’t remember I remember the [...]

Flashback: 1987 (Part 2)

The 24th Birthday State of Mind Tapes March 16, 1987 Part 1: A David Sylvian – "Gone To Earth" (Virgin) Kate Bush – "Running Up That Hill" (EMI) The Style Council – "My Ever Changing Moods" (Polydor) Joe Jackson – "The Verdict" (A&M) Prince – "Sometimes it Snows in April" (Paisley Park) Ryuichi Sakamoto – "Ballet Mécanique" (School/Midi) Supertramp – "The Logical Song" (A&M) Simply Red – "Holding Back the Years" [...]

Flashback: 1987 (Part 1)

Prince – “Sign “☮” the Times”* Paisley Park 0-20648 (12-inch single) 1987 U2 – The Joshua Tree Island 7 90581-2 (CD) 1987 Amidst all the anxiety and pathos swirling around inside my head, these two records were released. Prince's new single, "Sign “☮” the Times", came out in February (the album of the same name wouldn't hit the shops until the end [...]