An index of metals (a poem)

Inspired by the Fripp & Eno piece, included on their album Evening Star. Feedback manifest as cobalt sits at the edge of the soundstage pulling at the ear the head bends in response Vibrato ripples through the alchemist’s solution unhindered by the fallibility of his reasoning Time warps to a crawl The scraping you hear is the [...]

The bus waits (a poem)

At open mic last night, one of the participants prefaced her two songs by saying that she felt like crap and was running the risk of having to barf mid-song. This poem has nothing to with that, except she was sitting in the seat in front of me, frequently running her hands through her hair. [...]

The morning after headaches and explosions in the night (A poem)

Back to the pantoum. The ‘explosions’ part of the title refers to last night’s gas explosion in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. One of the businesses destroyed in the explosion was Neptune Coffee, the first place I ever read any of my writing in public (a short story, in late 2013). The Couth Buzzard, where I regularly participate [...]

While I wait (A poem)

Started while sitting in a coffee shop that was a bit too warm for comfort… The room is large, but the tables are small there’s barely enough space for two and it’s hot—almost too hot for waiting Yet here I am, waiting for you There’s barely enough space for two but I’m making do with [...]

To the tap dancer centre stage (A poem)

Continuing the epistles with another terzanelle. That’s an awkward dance you’re performing Are you sure you’re getting through? It’s a little bit shaky—but you are charming All those people on the stage, and the focus is on you The place is heating up, the smoke on the rise Are you sure you’re getting through? Either way, it’s such a [...]

A morning poem (a poem)

The January 16th prompt in The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice, by Kelli Russell Agodon & Martha Silano, is to come up with a list of ten words each about oil and snow, then to alternate a word from the two lists in each line of a poem until all the words have been [...]

Ninety degrees (revised) (a poem)

Still not completely satisfied with this, but I think I have improved it somewhat… a corner a quarter a sideways glance perpendicular a hot summer afternoon a scorcher a day for shorts instead of pants the distance of the equator from each pole 8 short of a boy band 8.6 shy of normal 15 Kevin [...]

Ninety degrees (a poem)

A bit of random musing/free association… a corner a quarter a sideways glance a hot summer afternoon a scorcher a day for shorts instead of pants thirty people under interrogation repetition repetition repetition halfway between the poles a different place on the spectrum an entirely different proposition (2 July 2015—posted July 3)

I didn’t feel like writing yesterday (a poem)

I have not been in a writing mood these last few days. In fact, I wrote nothing at all on Monday. So, on Tuesday, I wrote about not writing… I didn’t feel like writing yesterday The combination of heat and desperation kept my muse at bay until finally I put the book away and closed [...]