Observe Zero

Originally released on cassette in 1997, edited in 1999 for a CD-R version that I never released, then remastered and reissued in digital form in 2014. I gave this project the name Observe Zero. The two ‘Conduit’ pieces are based on the sounds of water; the ‘Observe Zero’ pieces are me making a lot of noise with a microphone and a couple of effects units.

(1 December 2017)

The morning after headaches and explosions in the night (A poem)

Back to the pantoum. The ‘explosions’ part of the title refers to last night’s gas explosion in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. One of the businesses destroyed in the explosion was Neptune Coffee, the first place I ever read any of my writing in public (a short story, in late 2013). The Couth Buzzard, where I regularly participate in a weekly open mic, is across the street and one block south; their storefront windows were shattered.
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