The Sneezefest Chronicles (a poem)

I have been sneezing A LOT since yesterday. Naturally, I had to write about it. This is actually several short poems combined—and, yes, I spelled it Materiel on purpose…

The explosions shatter the afternoon calm
The hastily erected barrier
barely contains its force
Materiel spills out over the top
leaving a tangled mess
of fluids and exhaustion
and more to clean up

…enough to drive the pick
right through my face
to release the pressure
and kill the whiny bitch
who can’t make heads or tails
out of even a good situation

Patience is now one of my lesser virtues
resistance isn’t getting me very far
Every breath I take risks explosion
sudden death without the overtime
something I cannot stave off long enough
until at last it happens—
ready or not, it is happening—
expectations be damned or fulfilled

My ribs ache from sneezing
My head feels like a level
tipped to one end

It’s a little cold outside
I’d close the window
but I like the fresh air

So I don’t mind
that my ribs ache
from sneezing

(22/23 May 2015)