The last dispatch from the dearly departed (A poem)

An early morning poem after a good night’s sleep… Body shivers points at the sky its field of vision shifting The offering is made the prayers spoke tomorrow fades into lightning Heaven cannot fit the square frame or stem the loss of elasticity too pronounced to hide There’s no coming back from this all purchases [...]

The Sneezefest Chronicles (a poem)

I have been sneezing A LOT since yesterday. Naturally, I had to write about it. This is actually several short poems combined—and, yes, I spelled it Materiel on purpose… I The explosions shatter the afternoon calm The hastily erected barrier barely contains its force Materiel spills out over the top leaving a tangled mess of [...]

Lifelong Learning

I have recently come to the conclusion that I have become a lifelong learner. It is often said that learning is a lifelong activity. I think that most of us don’t really look at it that way. We go to school while we grow up, then some of us go to college (then a few [...]