(I don’t have a good title for this one yet) (a poem)

As I was out and about a few days ago, I saw a woman on the corner, shielding her eyes from the sunlight. The way she was standing reminded me of a mannequin in a store window…

She strikes a mannequin pose at the corner
the afternoon sun in her eyes
I do not realize she is moving
until the light changes
and I drive by

She runs off to her next adventure
I drive on to mine
She has all the time in the world
I just want
to get there in time

(22 May 2015—posted May 23)

3 thoughts on “(I don’t have a good title for this one yet) (a poem)

  1. nice! I do have one suggestion (which you can completely ignore) I like what the last line of this represents but I think it can be stronger.
    “to get there on time” feels a little too easy if that makes sense? I feel like you could make this line more exciting. Anyway, I always enjoy your poems, Kevin!

    1. Yeah, I’m not completely sure about that last line. I was driving somewhere, so I didn’t want to be late. I went back and forth between ‘in time’ and ‘on time’, but couldn’t really see much difference between the two. Perhaps I’ll revisit it when Sneezefest (now in its second fun-filled day) is over…

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