I didn’t feel like writing yesterday (a poem)

I have not been in a writing mood these last few days. In fact, I wrote nothing at all on Monday. So, on Tuesday, I wrote about not writing…

I didn’t feel like writing yesterday
The combination of heat and desperation
kept my muse at bay
until finally I put the book away
and closed my eyes for the night

Today hasn’t been much better
There hasn’t been so much heat
but plenty of desperation
wondering how I’m going to make my way
and where my next check is coming from

It seems that people will help you
if they only have to do it once
any more and you’re a burden
It doesn’t matter how hard you try
for all you know, it’d be better if you’d die
then all would be forgotten

But I’m not going down so easily
I’m not going out that way
Yes, I’m down on my luck
and yes, I do give a fuck
So you should stick with me anyway

Even though I didn’t feel like writing yesterday…

(30 June 2015—posted July 1)

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