Tokyo (A poem)

Sometimes I return to the old stories, in hopes that I might tell them better… I remember feeling that way every time I heard that song swimming in a hazy sea and everything was breaking down That hungry feeling travelled with me from train to train and storm to storm Unexpected complications fell me at [...]

’Tis the season (self-promotion)

Self-promotion time!   Now that the year-end gift-giving season is underway, consider one or more of my humble offerings for your friends, your loved ones—or yourself.   More details about availability can be found on the individual book pages on my site (, but here are some quick shopping links:   Amazon (paperback & Kindle) [...]

The following is intended only for mature audiences (A poem)

For this one, I used the November 29th prompt in The Daily Poet, by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano, which is to take the first thing anybody says to you (or, if you don't see anybody, the first thing you hear on radio, TV, etc.), and use it as the first line of a poem. I [...]

Closed-caption poem (A poem)

With a few small changes here and there, taken from closed-captioning… Man speaks indistinctly Camera clicks Man whispers Breathing deeply Ceiling banging Sighs Rattling Sighs Rattling continues Sighs Knife clatters Woman Man Metal clangs Sighs Metal clatters Electronic music plays Tires squeal Loud music plays on car stereo Gears grind Metal creaks Grunts Camera shutter [...]