The following is intended only for mature audiences (A poem)

For this one, I used the November 29th prompt in The Daily Poet, by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano, which is to take the first thing anybody says to you (or, if you don’t see anybody, the first thing you hear on radio, TV, etc.), and use it as the first line of a poem. I chose to make that first line the title instead.

This is your guarantee that what you are about to watch
contains all sorts of nasty behavior and/or gory detail

In short:
swearing, fucking, blood, guts, gore, violence, death, and/or depravity

This is also your guarantee
of depictions of juvenile behavior presented as ‘adult entertainment’
unrestricted behavior for restricted audiences

Note that this guarantee does not extend to
actual people, situations, or behavior
all of which may surpass anything
that the gatekeepers of our moral sensibilities
would ever let you see

(29 November 2015—posted November 30)