Tokyo (A poem)

Sometimes I return to the old stories, in hopes that I might tell them better…

I remember feeling that way
every time I heard that song
swimming in a hazy sea
and everything was breaking down

That hungry feeling travelled with me
from train to train and storm to storm
Unexpected complications
fell me at my destination

Tokyo was my new home
I don’t know why it hit me then

I cut out as soon as I could
not looking back for anyone
an airport watch on my left wrist
and a bitter pill on my tongue

Oh, but now it’s a new life
there’s no need to reminisce
Tokyo is a long time gone
I follow where the new road goes

The time I spent on foreign streets
has steeled me for my new hometown
Every road I cross is paved with gold
to blind me from distraction

(30 November 2015—posted December 1)

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