Poetry Marathon 2016, Hour Four: The dream is always the same

Fourth poem of the day. Who told bigger lies? I know, it wasn’t a contest but I’m always looking for that edge You may have been better at it but I made up the difference with sheer quantity Our self-delusions reached deep into the core planting the seeds that churned up the earth as they grew [...]

The man in Reno vs the Man in Black (a poem)

The February 15th prompt in The Daily Poet, by Kelli Russell Agodon and Martha Silano, is to ‘[w]rite a poem in which not a single word is true.’ The result must be one of the most twisted poems I have ever written… One time in Reno Johnny Cash shot me just to watch me die [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #16 (April 16, 2014)

Today's prompt: [W]rite a ten-line poem in which each line is a lie. They left the seat up and the toothpaste cap loose this much milk left in the carton —and drank the last of the orange juice The toilet paper roll is empty they forgot to lock the front door There are rainbow stains [...]

50 things I have learned

I started this last month, shortly after my birthday—but then other stuff came up, and it kind of got pushed to the side. But, now it's done! So! Here is… 50 things I have learned Let the dog or cat smell your hand before you try to pet its head. Even the most open-minded person [...]