Mutable truths, or scenes from a short slumber on a rainy mid-week afternoon (a poem)

Yesterday, I attended an ekphrastic writing workshop. Distracted by the conversations taking place in the gallery during the time set aside for writing, I had trouble writing much of anything during the three and a half hours I was there. Instead, I found myself underlining the words within the words on the page of writing exercises given to every participant. Every line (except the last two) of this poem contains a word from the list of words I got from the first exercise.
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National Poetry Writing Month: Day #26 (April 26, 2014)

Today’s entry inadvertently combines prompts from PoeWar:

Write a poem about a natural event.

Writer’s Digest:

[W]rite a water poem.


…give the curtal sonnet a whirl.

Earlier, the prompt explains:

…the curtal sonnet is shorter than the normal, fourteen-line sonnet. Instead, it has a first stanza of six lines, followed by a second stanza of four, and then closes with a half-line.

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