When I want to get up for another cup of coffee, but am too warm and comfortable under the blankets (A poem)

Another small break from my series of epistles, this time largely due to my activities over the last few days. The afternoon feels empty and cold I can’t seem to get myself going Today feels like the same old same old I look around and there’s nothing doing Outside it’s all cloudy and grey I can’t [...]

The chill in the air is back (A poem)

January… I suppose it was too much to ask to stay warm and comfortable for one more day Sometimes restlessness is relentless that’s sort of its job It’s times like this I fight the urge to get rid of everything I own When the week goes from silence to silence eventually something has to give [...]

Blankets and stars (a poem)

A slightly frustrating day yesterday—but I did manage to write something… The stars aren’t likely to show tonight cloud cover sits heavy above lights and sirens forming a blanket fort over the city We sit comfortably on living room sofas watching sitcoms and old movies laughing and crying and dreaming The blankets are warm and [...]

Until they become light enough to rise (a poem)

Some open mics are good environments for writing… Light tunes for heavy souls the sustain lingers for as long as they need Time to feel the depths of all that weighs them down for as long as they need The melodies twirl around with abandon giving up all resistance to the sound swing ever outward [...]

National Poetry Writing Month: Day #28 (April 28, 2013)

Today's prompt is to write a poem based on a color. I chose yellow… Yellow of the noonday sun: life and light and hope she brings, frames her face and sparkling eyes, warmth and love and a heart that sings. Yellow of the cotton fleece: comfortable and soft against my skin, a touch that brings [...]