National Poetry Writing Month: Day #28 (April 28, 2013)

Today’s prompt is to write a poem based on a color. I chose yellow…

Yellow of the noonday sun:
life and light and hope she brings,
frames her face and sparkling eyes,
warmth and love and a heart that sings.

Yellow of the cotton fleece:
comfortable and soft against my skin,
a touch that brings me comfort and calm,
a presence that moves me deep from within.

Yellow of the brittle pages:
fragility born of wisdom and age,
or a sign of neglect, years spent on the shelf,
or darkened by the light on a windowsill stage.

Yellow of the photograph:
a remnant of memories long since faded,
a sense of nostalgia, warm and soothing,
loves now gone, but never dated.

Yellow, for you are my smile,
the shirt I wear in daytime bright.
You are the warmth I feel in my soul—
my love, my life, my light.

(28 April 2013)