The chill in the air is back (A poem)

January… I suppose it was too much to ask to stay warm and comfortable for one more day Sometimes restlessness is relentless that’s sort of its job It’s times like this I fight the urge to get rid of everything I own When the week goes from silence to silence eventually something has to give [...]

The course of a quiet afternoon in the life of a solitary poet in search of the perfect poem (a poem)

Self-explanatory… I’m going to sit here out on the deck for a while feeling the sunlight on my face and listening to the waters of the creek rush past Bells will mark the hour a few minutes early in all their pre-recorded splendor at which time I will look at the clock to complete the [...]

Cold Thursday morning (a poem)

Catching up with my posts. This was Thursday’s poem… Yesterday was cold and dark time seemed to stretch interminably like the second hand on the clock moving backwards in Risky Business or an afternoon of nothing but setting the clocks back an hour for standard time Today I’m keeping warmer as I make my way through [...]