Blood tales (a poem)

An ekphrastic poem, inspired by a painting by Shiraga Kazuo, viewed online at The smear on the pavement reminds you something happened The stain on the dressing tells you the wound is still fresh The flush of her cheeks says she’d rather you didn’t know The numbers on the chart indicate one more round (21 September [...]

When I want to get up for another cup of coffee, but am too warm and comfortable under the blankets (A poem)

Another small break from my series of epistles, this time largely due to my activities over the last few days. The afternoon feels empty and cold I can’t seem to get myself going Today feels like the same old same old I look around and there’s nothing doing Outside it’s all cloudy and grey I can’t [...]

The dressing, removed (A poem)

A small break from my series of epistles. Discharge stains the bandage bleeding through the strip I’m not troubled by the deep brown stain the blood has merely dried upon meeting the air Soon, it will flake off and disappear into dust I won’t see any scars but I’ll know what was there before (6 February [...]